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  • Foot, Ankle and Pilon
  • Foot, Ankle and Pilon

    1 Quantification Of Lateral Calcaneus Exposure Through The Extensile Lateral And Sinus Tarsi Approaches

    • Katherine Bedigrew, MD

    2 Patient-Centered Outcomes Of Fasciocutaneous Flaps For Lower Extremity Trauma

    • David A Volgas, MD

    3 Ankle Injury Pattern In A Maisonneuve Fracture Cohort: An Mri Study

    • Patrick Schottel, MD

    4 The Effects Of Elevation, Simulated Injury And Immobilization On Muscle Perfusion: A Near Infrared Spectroscopy Study In Humans

    • Ariel Palanca, BS, MD

    5 Predicting Successful Limb Salvage In Open Calcaneal Fractures Sustained During Recent Combat Operations: A Predictive Model Using Patient And Injury Specific Variables

    • Adam James Bevevino, MD

    6 Heel Pad Avulsion Injury: Classification And Role Of Primary Topical Oxygen Therapy

    • Shobha Arora

    7 Course Of Treatment And Rate Of Successful Salvage Following The Diagnosis Of Deep Infection In Patients Treated For Pilon Fractures (Ao/Ota:43)

    • Cesar S Molina, MD

    8 Ankle Radiographs In The Early Postoperative Period: Do They Matter?

    • Manish K. Sethi

    9 Calcaneal Avulsion Fractures: A Case Series And Prognostic Factors

    • Ida Leah Gitajn, MD

    10 Ankle Fractures And Employment: A Life-Changing Event For Patients

    • Manish K. Sethi

    11 The Treatment Of Comminuted Talar Neck Fractures: The Effect Of Lateral Plate Augmentation On Outcomes

    12 Effect Of Chronic Heavy Smoking On Ankle Fracture Healing

    • Waseem Jerjes, MD, PHD

    13 Temporary External Fixation For Provisional Reduction Of Displaced, Ota 82-C Calcaneus Fractures

    14 Thyroxin Level Control In Hypothyroid Patients And Ankle Fracture Healing

    • Waseem Jerjes, MD, PHD

    15 Strength And Stiffness Of Plaster Ankle Splint Designs

    • John Reid West, SR

    16 Outcomes Of Trans-Syndesmotic Ankle Fracture Dislocations – “The Logsplitter”

    • Jesse Bible, MD