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  • Foot, Ankle and Pilon
  • Knee and Tibial Plateau

    55 Lateral Fluoroscopic Projection Is Not Helpful In Judging Reduction Of Tibial Plateau Fractures

    • Thomas F Higgins, MD

    56 A Biomechanical Study Of Posteromedial Tibial Plateau Fracture Stability: Do They All Require Fixation?

    • Kenneth A Egol, MD

    57 Changing Presentation Of Knee Dislocation With Vascular Injury In The Obese

    58 Tibial Plateau Fractures And Compartment Syndrome: When Should Orif Be Performed?

    59 Aquatic Weight Bearing For Periarticular Fractures Improves Function In The Near-Term

    • Erik Kubiak, MD

    60 A Prospective Study Of Pain Reduction And Long-Term Knee Dysfunction Comparing Femoral Skeletal Traction And Splinting In Adult Trauma Patients

    • David Bumpass, MD