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    61 Time Dependent Contamination Of Open Irrigation Fluid In Orthopedic Surgery

    62 Fact Or Fiction For Penetrating Trauma: Is Follow-Up Worse?

    • Brian H Mullis, MD

    63 Fracture Pain Management In Emergency Room: Is There A Bias?

    • Nirmal C Tejwani, MD, FRCS

    64 Can Fracture Surgical Skills Courses Improve Resident Performance?

    • Kenneth A Egol, MD

    65 Treating The Trauma Knowledge Gap: A Validated Approach To Understanding Resident Knowledge And Addressing Deficiencies

    • Matt L Graves, MD

    66 Clinical And Economic Impact Of Duplicated Radiographic Studies In Trauma Patients Transferred To A Regional Trauma Center

    • Peter Althausen, MD

    67 The Intraoperative Interobserver Reliability Of The Orthopaedic Trauma Association Open Fracture Classification Versus The Gustilo-Anderson Classification

    • Carol Alice Lin, MA, MD

    68 Drilling Technique Can Minimize Plunging

    • Meir Marmor, MD

    69 A Double-Blind Trial Of Pregabalin As An Adjunct To Post-Operative Pain In Orthopaedic Trauma Patients

    • David A Volgas, MD

    70 Professional Demands And Stress In Orthopaedic Trauma: An Orthopaedic Trauma Association Member Survey

    • Brian Patrick Cunningham, MD

    71 Does Radiation Exposure Effect Vision And Eye Health?

    • Andre Spiguel, MD

    72 Body-Site Specific Fluoroscopic Radiation Exposure To The Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon

    73 Fluoroscopic Radiation To The Orthopedic Traumatologist’S Hand & Efficacy Of A Novel Radiation Attenuation Product