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  • Foot, Ankle and Pilon
  • Pelvis and Acetabulum

    77 Cell Saver Use In Acetabular Surgery-Does Approach Matter?

    • Reza Firoozabadi, MD, MA

    78 Is Preoperative Xrt As Effective As Postoperative Xrt For The Prevention Of Heterotopic Ossification In Acetabular Fracture Patients

    • Albert D'Heurle, MD

    79 Anatomic Determinants Of Sacral Dysmorphism And Implications For Safe Iliosacral Screw Placement.

    • Scott Patrick Kaiser, BS, MD

    80 It's The Corridor Height Limiting Safe Trans-Sacral Implant Positioning

    81 Functional Outcomes In Women Following Pelvic Ring Fractures

    • Steven Sylvester, MD

    82 Radiographic Follow Up Of Apc-2 Pelvic Ring Injuries Treated With Symphyseal Plating And Illiosacral Fixation

    • Timothy Bruce Alton, MD

    83 The Effect Of Pelvic Embolization On Wound Complications After Operatively Treated Pelvic And Acetabular Fractures

    • Wesley Huy Tran, MD

    84 Incidence Of Pelvic Arterial Bleeding And Complications In Patients Requiring Embolization And Pelvic/Acetabular Surgery.

    • Pavel Muradov, MD

    85 Anatomical Relationship Between The Superior Gluteal Vessels And Nerve At The Greater Sciatic Notch: Implications For Controlling Hemorrhage During Surgery

    • Cory A Collinge, MD

    86 A Survey Of High Energy Acetabular Fractures In Elderly Patients

    87 Femoral Nerve Palsy After Pelvic Fracture Treated With Anterior Internal Fixator

    • Cory A Collinge, MD

    88 Inguinal Abnormalities In Male Patients With Acetabular Fractures Treated Using An Ilioinguinal Exposure

    • Reza Firoozabadi, MD, MA