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  • Foot, Ankle and Pilon
  • Upper Extremity

    106 Regional Anesthesia Improves Outcome In Patients Undergoing Proximal Humerus Fracture Repair Compared To General Anesthesia

    • Kenneth A Egol, MD

    107 Factors Influencing Infection Rates After Open Fractures Of The Forearm

    • Justin Zumsteg, MD

    108 Are Locked Plates An Advantage Over Non-Locked Plates For The Treatment Of Simple Olecranon Fractures? A Comparison Of Outcomes And Cost.

    • Nirmal C Tejwani, MD, FRCS

    109 Determination Of Clavicle Fracture Displacement Utilizing 3-D Fluoroscopy: A Radiographic Study

    • Patrick Schottel, MD

    110 Outcomes After Plating Of Olecranon Fractures: A Multicenter Evaluation

    111 Factors Affecting Functional Outcome After Scapula Fractures

    • Heather A Vallier, MD

    112 Prospective Comparison Of Percutaneous Versus Open Technique For The Treatment Of Clavicle Fracture Yields Decreased Anterior Chest Wall Numbness

    • Erik Kubiak, MD

    113 Comparison Of Outcomes After Triceps Split Vs Sparing Surgery For Extra-Articular Distal Humeral Fractures

    • Ivan Seth Tarkin, MD

    114 Quantitative Comparison Of Exposure For The Posterior Judet Approach To The Scapula With And Without Deltoid Takedown