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  • Foot, Ankle and Pilon
  • Basic Science

    118 An Evaluation Of Possible Prophylactic Therapies For The Prevention Of Post-Traumatic Joint Stiffness

    • Laurence E Dahners, MD

    119 Sustained Intra-Articular Delivery Of Il-1Ra From A Thermally Responsive Polypeptide Depot Prevents Post-Traumatic Arthritis In Mice

    120 Clinical Validation Of An In Vivo Rat Model For The Study Of Blast-Induced Heterotopic Ossification

    • Husain Bharmal, MD

    121 Assessment Of Osseous Incorporation Of Endosteal Fibular Allograft Used To Augment A Fixation Construct For Femoral Neck Fractures: An In-Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

    122 Determination Of Relative Radiation Exposure From C-Arm Fluoroscopy Views Taken During Orthopaedic Trauma Operations: A Pilot Study

    • Rita Baumgartner, BS

    123 Biomechanical Comparison Of Locked Plating And Spiral Blade Retrograde Nailing In Osteoporotic Supracondylar Femur Fractures

    • Saqib Rehman, MD

    124 An Innovative Culture System For The Study Of Heterotopic Ossification

    • Husain Bharmal, MD

    125 A Safe Technique For Dynamizing The Taylor Spatial Frame

    • Loren L Latta, PE, PHD

    126 Relationship Of Intramuscular Tissue Oxygenation And Muscle Viability In A Compartment Syndrome Model

    • Utku Kandemir, MD

    127 Are Hook Plates Advantageous To Antiglide Plates For Vertical Shear Malleolar Fractures?

    • Lisa K. Cannada, MD